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088 _aJ. Michael Orenduff list
100 1 _aOrenduff, J. Michael.
245 1 4 _aThe pot thief who studied Ptolemy /
_cJ. Michael Orenduff.
260 _aTaylorville, IL :
_bOak Tree Press,
300 _a237 p. ;
_c23 cm.
490 1 _aThe pot thief
520 _aThe pot thief is back, but this time Hubert Schuze' larceny is for a good cause. He wants to recover sacred pots stolen from San Roque, the mysterious New Mexico pueblo closed to outsiders. An easy task for Hubert Schuze, pot digger. Except these pots are not under the ground, they're 150 feet above it. In the top-floor apartment of Rio Grande Lofts, a high-security building which just happens to be one story above Susannah's latest love interest. Hubie's legendary detective skills lead to a perfect plan which is thwarted when he encounters the beautiful Stella. And when he is arrested for murder. Well, he was in the room where the body was found, everyone heard the shot, and he came out with blood on his hands. Follow Hubie as he stays one step ahead of building security, one step behind Stella, and one step away from a long fall down a garbage chute.
650 0 _aMurder
651 0 _aNew Mexico
651 0 _aNew Mexico
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_aMystery fiction.
830 1 _aThe pot thief
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